Welcome to the Webcyclopedia.

Welcome to the Webcyclopedia it's an encyclopedia of the Internet, on the Internet! The Internet is a complicated place, well it's not really a place because its virtually everywhere. The Internet is full of unexplained websites, online games, and even some computers! Here at the Webcyclopedia, we try to explain the Internet to everyone, while making it possible to be understood by children. Anyway, this wiki you should say is to explain the Internet to everyone here on Earth, for all ages.

What's the Webcyclopedia about?

The Webcyclopedia is a wiki about the Internet, we try to provide data about the Internet for everyone so we get a better understanding of the Internet, and sometimes we just forget some things and need to remember. Anyway moving on, the Webcyclopedia is supposed to provide data for all people to help us get a better understanding of websites, software, web apps, and sometimes computers too, after all it's about the Internet.

Ok, so if you want the short version of all of this: The Webcyclopedia is an encyclopedia of the Internet, we provide information about Internet-related things to help people get a better understanding of the Internet.

Ok, What is the Internet anyway?

Facepalm. You are using the Internet right now to access this wiki/wikicyclopedia/internetcyclopedia/whatever, the Internet is a ton of computers, phones, etc. connected in complex ways, Anyway you should really just go read the wikipedia article for now, I don't want to explain this to everyone so click this blue thing: [1]

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