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Reddit is a quite complicated website, it's a little hard to explain but still it will be explained here, anyway the best way to learn reddit is just jumping right in, by clicking here. Reddit is where you check out things people have already found, it's basically an online newspaper. Except reddit is better in multiple ways, reddit is interactive, always updated, easy to use, and just simply good. Anyway moving past that reddit uses subreddits, tiny parts of reddit that are dedicated to one or more topics, reddit uses subscriptions to choose what appears on your front page. So, it lets you customize your front page to only show the topics you like, and not the ones you don't.

Front Page Edit

The front page of reddit is all your own, you can customize it to show only the topics you like and not the ones you don't the front page shows all the hottest links and posts on the subreddits you subscribed to, anyway the subreddits are the little parts of reddit that are dedicated to certain topics. So it shows the hottest posts in the subreddits you have subscribed to in the front page. There's a simple way reddit finds the hottest topics but that will be explained later.

Navigation Bars Edit

There are 2 "Navigation Bars" I should say, one specific to the multireddit/subreddit/frontpage, the first one at the very top part of the screen is a list of all the subreddits you are subscribed to, providing easy access to those subreddits. Anyway, the second navigation bar is a tab navigation system, which is used to switch between displaying the subreddits hottest posts, newest posts, etc. the Navigation Bar will be displayed below now. If it loads incorrectly, reload the page.

This is the tab reddit is on when you first visit a subreddit or go to your front page or any multireddit.

This is where the most recent posts go, big subreddits have about 6 posts made per minute.

This is where the topics that are getting bigger go.

This is where topics where there are a lot of discussion going on go.

This is where the hottest topics of the current day go.

These are posts where people have been gifted reddit gold for them.

And as you guessed, this is where the subreddit wiki goes.

Here are the advertizements, usually there aren't many or none here in small subreddits, but big subreddits have a lot of these.

Subreddits Edit

Subreddits are the small sections of reddit that is
What is reddit?05:20

What is reddit?

dedicated to one or more topics, subreddits help keep reddit organized and allow users to choose what content they want to see on their front page, also there are many many subreddits on reddit, if you want to check out a subreddit but there isn't one about what your looking for? Well reddit lets you create your own subreddits, so there isn't an overly-complicated system for adding a subreddit.

Moving on, subreddits have one or more topics, like /r/google, it only allows google related posts, some subreddits allow more topics like space technology and computer technology and even something like bionic arm technology, aka /r/technology, so subreddits pretty much help organize reddit, and let users pick what they like to appear on their front page.

Multireddits Edit

Multireddits are collections of subreddits created by it's users, multireddits are just to group subreddits together, and it has a multireddit sharing subreddit where people can share their multireddits, so pretty much the only thing multireddits are is a group of subreddits put together by its users.

Posting Edit

This is one of the biggest things in reddit, posting, reddit has 2 types of posts, people can share a link, or do a text post, now don't forget the comments, reddit is mostly full of commenting, links and posts are just a small part of reddit, the real big thing of reddit is the comment system which is great for back and forth conversation unlike YouTube and some forums.

Link Posts Edit

Link posts are the simplest way to post on reddit, just copy and paste in a link right? No, reddit has a few rules you have to follow to keep it's users from doing really bad things and ending up murdering, anyway moving on the only things you have to do are follow the reddit rules, follow the subreddit rules which sometimes includes having to follow the reddiquette and there, you can post a link.

Text Posts Edit

A couple subreddits are text-post only, but anyway text posts are what they say they are, just posts of text, it's litterally that simple, except their probably not going to get as popular because face it, who's going to read text posts?

Discussion Edit

Adding things here...

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